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Free PDF Rails Book for beginner Rails developers!

Posted by webmat on October 3, 2007

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As seen on the Rails blog, is giving away free PDF copies of Patrick Lenz‘s book, Build Your Own RoR Web Apps. The offer is good for 60 days. Well, 59d15h at the time of posting :-)

It involves jumping through a couple of hoops, and the book contains a couple of pages containing ads about other Sitepoint books. But nothing too bad, at first sight. And it’s still a free PDF book! So if you know anybody who’s curious about Rails and might want to try it out, you have until the beginning of December to point him/her to


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  2. webmat said

    There’s a review of the book by Jamis Buck, one of the Ruby on Rails developers.

    The book is marketed as “the ultimate beginner’s guide to Ruby on Rails”, and while I don’t know that I would go quite that far, it is definitely a good introduction, especially if you are new to Ruby.

  3. textbook download

    Free PDF Rails Book for beginner Rails developers! « Programblings

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